New home and lots of sewing…

This is my new home-not that anybody follow me but just in case that anybody wants to know.

I have moved from old blog because I couldn’t find way to add any extras that I wanted. I was very frustrated ,tried so many things that at the end everything was blocked and mix-up 🙂 . Yes I do that sometimes or often.

Usually we quilters-fabric addicts work on few things -that is no secret. I have few things join on as well. There is #hotpadswap going on IG organised by Valerie from  . This is what I have done so far and I have used Rubi from Bonnie and Camille.Tutorial coming soon!


Also busy with quilting Scrappy trip along quilt,it takes me long time to quilt even though looks easy and simple…

IMG_0414 IMG_0271

One more thing I’m busy with and in love is hexagon bag. Dilly Bag a long organised by Gnomeangel or Angie.Pattern by Judy Newman.

Having fun making this one with hand sewing and hexagons…

IMG_0387 IMG_0413

There is so much to do and so little time…

Take care



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