Needle Book Tutorial

I had this piece of fabric for months. I bought beautiful Japanese fabrics form Etsy shop Hanabi Quilts and Meg sent me this as extra sample. It was Suzuko Koseki-Daisies and text in white . It was on my table and I couldn’t cut it to use in any of my quilts,so beautiful! image So made decision…I always wanted to make my own needle book but busy with all swaps on Instagram just no time ( I’m not addicted to swaps 😁). They are so easy to make and very cute. There is lots of needle book tutorials out there,but this one is easy and simple… And I couldn’t use just one print of Suzuko Koseki fabrics…


So this is what you need:

– 10″x 6″ top fabric (mine is white daisies)

– 10″ x 6″ batting

-10″ x 6″ backing fabric or fabric inside needle book( white newspaper Suzuko Koseki –

-10″ x 8″ inside pockets fabrics (green)

-8″x 4″ felt  x2  (in 2 colours )

-38″ of binding (yellow)

– 4″ string

-2″ button

-threads,ruler,rotary cutter,cutting mat,frixion pen,needle for hand sewing

Start pressing your fabrics it will be easier,get your top and bottom fabrics and batting and make “sandwich “. image image

Then quilt your sandwiched fabrics as you like:


After quilting trim off uneven sides,like this…


Next step …take yourfabric for inside pocket ,fold in half along 8″ side and press.


Even sides with quilted top and pin it.


Mark middle of book with pin.


On top of quilted fabric and pocket add felt on marked middle.Take 2 colors of felt ,find half and add both on top. Now you can sew the line on top of felt in the middle,like this:


Almost done. Next step is binding,you can binde your usual way. About 38″ of binding..


On right side of book mark middle atach string and secure when binding,like this:


I finished with hand binding.Add button on left side of book fill in with your favorite needless,pins and threads and your needle book is ready.


This is how my turn out…


It is so easy to make this needle book.Perfectly used scraps of fabrics and felt , something I will love to use and probably take everywhere.

I hope you like  this tutorial. Oh and almost forgot,there is another Instagram swap coming-Needle book swap(and I’m not addicted to swaps 😁).

Thanks for stopping by…



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